A-Kay Kennedy Newborn Care was founded by a veteran newborn care specialist. With the advantage of over 17 years of experience and working first hand with her clients, she has come to understand the needs of new moms and parents. Her mission is to enlighten, reassure and provide her clients with alternatives during such exciting but yet challenging period.


Nurses are responsible for all aspect of infant care:

  • Pre and post delivery guidance and advice.
  • Educating parents on infant care.
  • Monitor baby/babies nutritional intake and track wet/solid diapers.
  • Move baby/babies towards a sleeping and eating pattern.
  • Sleep train baby/babies.
  • Breast feeding support and assistance.
  • Umbilical and circumcision care.
  • Sponge and tub bath, night care- wake up at night with baby/babies.
  • Siblings interaction.
  • Baby’s laundry and bottle sterilization.
  • Organizing nursery.
  • Provide smooth transition into parenthood.

Our nurses are available to work 24 or 12 hours assignments.
Nurses are available for travel nationwide and international upon request.


Our utmost endeavor here at A-Kay Kennedy is to match your family with an experienced professional, knowledge, loving and caring baby nurse. We’re well aware that every family is unique, therefore, we strive to accommodate each of our client with a nurse/nurses tailored to suit their family needs. Our team of impeccable newborn specialists are certified Pre-screened, CPR Trained- infant and adult. They’re dedicated and work together to provide the absolute best care possible for your newborns.

Baby Nurse Elements